Kremlin says China’s Ukraine peace plan should be studied in detail

MOSCOW – The Kremlin said on Monday that a Chinese peace plan on Ukraine that urges both sides to agree to a gradual de-escalation and warns against the use of nuclear weapons should be analysed in detail, taking the interests of all sides into account.

China called for a comprehensive ceasefire in Ukraine last Friday, touting its own peace plan.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said any such initiatives that might bring peace closer were worthy of attention.

“We are paying a great deal of attention to the plan of our Chinese friends,” Mr Peskov told reporters on Monday. “Of course, the details need to be painstakingly analysed, taking into account the interests of all the different sides. This is a very long and intense process.”

He said Russia was continuing to prosecute what it calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine, and for now didn’t see any signs suggesting a peaceful resolution could be achieved.

Mr Peskov declined to comment on a US media report that China was considering transferring drones to Russia.

Beijing declared a “no limits” alliance with Russia shortly before Moscow sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine a year ago.

China has refused to condemn Russia’s actions, most recently at a weekend meeting of the Group of Twenty (G-20) major economies.

Separately, the Kremlin hit out at the European Union after the bloc adopted its latest package of sanctions against Russia for its military intervention in Ukraine.

“All this, of course, is absurd,” Mr Peskov told reporters in response to a question about the new penalties, which target 121 individuals and entities.

The latest penalties are the 10th round of EU sanctions aimed at undercutting Russia’s finances and military supplies for the conflict.

Mr Peskov said Western countries were struggling to find more people and entities to sanction.

“That explains the illogical listing of individuals and entities,” Mr Peskov said.

“We are talking about such accomplished people and for them, inclusion in the lists will not cause any discomfort,” he added.

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