Kristin Cavallari details being stalked by ‘psycho’ in 2015

Kristin Cavallari shared details on what happened when she was stalked almost ten years ago.

A decade after obtaining a restraining order against Chicago man David Berkowitz, the Hills alum admitted how making information public about her daily life made her face some stressful encounters with her alleged stalker.

“I did an interview,” the 37-year-old, who is a parent to sons Camden, 11, Jaxon, 10, and daughter Saylor, 8, with ex-husband Jay Cutler, said on an episode of her Let’s Be Honest podcast, May 14.

“I don’t even remember what interview, but I said that I worked out at the Equinox in Highland Park, which this, by the way, is why you can’t give the public information like this, because people are crazy.”

Cavallari claimed that the accused stalker followed her to a local gym from the neighbourhood where she was living at the time with the retired Chicago Bears quarterback and their children, according to court documents from 2015 that E! News was able to obtain.

In the filing, she said that after waiting for her to go, he informed her that she had a flat tire, which he later acknowledged to a police investigator was his fault for letting the air out.

The Laguna Beach star said on her podcast that the man first asked her Pilates instructor about her and her sessions.

“When my session ended, my Pilates instructor was like, ‘Go this way.’ Went the other way, I went in the bathroom upstairs to stall and take time. So I’m like, ‘OK, perfect.’ I ditch this guy,” Cavallari said. “So I go downstairs, I’m walking out, and he’s standing at the entrance on his phone.”

Cavallari further shared that she drove away and the man followed her.

“I’m at the stoplight,” she continued, “and he pulls up next to me and he goes, ‘Roll your window down,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘You have a flat tire.’”

“I pull around, there’s a bank right there and he is going back and forth, back and forth,” Cavallari added.

“I call my ex-husband, who called a private investigator who worked for the Bears. It was like a whole thing. And they end up going to his house and he admitted to giving me a flat tire and everything.”

Kristin claimed that the man “begged” her to avoid a restraining order. She obtained one anyway, which was extended for two years weeks after submission.

“I was like ‘No, f–k you, you were stalking me at my gym and you gave me a flat tire, to what? Save the day?’” she said, later adding. “You psycho f–k. So people are crazy, man.”

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