Kylie Jenner was sent away after ‘prematurely’ entering Doja Cat party

Kylie Jenner was held back from attending an after party post Met Gala.

The makeup mogul was shut out from Richie Akiva, Doja Cat and Diddy’s party at the Box while sister Kendall Jenner was still inside.

“They wouldn’t let her in,” an onlooker tells Page Six. “They shut the door down because it was over capacity.”

The mother-of-one arrived at the party at around 12 am to see his elder sister and her rumoured boyfriend Bad Bunny.

The diva went back home after witnessing a sea of people causing “chaotic scene.”

“She prematurely got out of her car,” they add. “Then she decided to go home because she didn’t want to be at a crowded party. She rarely goes to clubs.”

“The door was rushed by crowds many times,” says another source.

The news comes a day after Kylie was spotted entering walking towards the star-studded event alongside daughter Stormi.

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