Lahore teen dies by suicide over online game

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A 15-year-old boy was found dead at his house in ’s Ichra on Sunday, the police confirmed.

According to the police, the teenager took his own life after his mother stopped him from playing an on his mobile phone.

He had a glass of milk in his hand which had slipped while he was playing the game. Following this, his mother scolded and told him to put his phone away. The 15-year-old got angry, slammed his phone into the wall and left the room.

His family members said they found his body on the roof of the house with a noose around his neck.

The body has been returned to the family after a post-mortem examination.

Here’s what you should do if someone you know exhibits warning signs of :

• Do not leave the person alone.

• Remove any firearms, alcohol, drugs or sharp objects that could be used in a suicide attempt.

• Take the person to an emergency room or seek help from a medical or mental health professional

• You can get in touch with the following mental health helplines and speak to them.

  • Mind Organisation 042 35761999
  • Umang 0317 4288665
  • 0333 4065139
  • Baat Karo 0335 5743344
  • Taskeen 0332 5267936
  • Rooh 0333 3337664
  • Rozan 0800-22444
  • OpenCounseling 042 35761999

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