Lana Del Rey displeases fans with artwork on cover of her next album


American actress and singer Lana Del Rey announced to drop her eighth studio album Blue Banisters.   However, her fans did not like the artwork of her album cover and want the Summertime Sadness hitmaker to reconsider it.

The 35-year-old singer Wednesday announced to drop her new album on July 4 – Independence Day in the US, after her last record Chemtrails over the Country Club was released in March this year. The music artist shared the news with her followers on social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter.

Lana Del Rey also shared a divisive cover artwork that did not go down well with her admirers, who have a lot of suggestions for the singer.

Check out the album cover here:

Some fans suggested Lana Del Rey reconsider the album artwork. The artist has written the album name in blue words at the of her image.

“Lana please tell me this is not the official cover art,” said one fan, while another has to comment, “i think we can all that we need to ban picsart from the store.”

A fan joked to ban the artist from using the editing app Picsart.

There were some others who seemed confused with an earlier announcement by Lana Del Rey who had said she would release a record titled Rock Candy Sweet on June 1.

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