Lea Michele Is Using This Body Butter During Her Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is beautiful but rarely easy. (There’s nothing simple about growing a human!) On top of your transforming body, you have to be prepared for your entire routine to change, especially your sleeping patterns. For example, if you regularly sleep on your stomach, you’ll have to kiss that position goodbye for at least nine months.

Of course, there are items that can help improve your sleep — the most common being pregnancy pillows. But what if I told you there was a special lotion that could help stimulate sleep and fend off stretch marks? Actress Lea Michele recently took to Instagram to showcase the items that are getting her through her second pregnancy, including the multitasking magnesium-filled body butter from Neom.

Like the name suggests, the Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter not only smooths and softens skin, it also prepares your body to get solid rest. This is thanks to magnesium, an element known to relax your muscles and mind so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. You may even use magnesium on the regular, ingesting it before hitting the hay. In this thick formula, about a palm full contains 88 mg of magnesium to gently sooth and relax your body. The calming lavender, chamomile and patchouli scent also alleviates stress to lull you to sleep.

Aside from helping you catch some much needed ZZZs, this rich body butter can also fend off stretch marks that appear on your growing belly. While stretch marks are a gentle reminder that your body can do tough things, we understand that some people would prefer that they disappear. If you’re in the latter boat, the key to doing so is making sure your skin is adequately hydrated.

Mega hydrators like shea butter, aloe vera, grapeseed oil and coconut oil in the cream cocoon your skin in lasting moisture, decreasing the chances of developing stretch marks in the first place.

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