Lindsay Lohan dishes out details about returning to Disney

Lindsay Lohan has recently dished out details about going back to Walt Disney Studios for upcoming movie, Freaky Friday 2.

In a new interview with Nightline, Lindsay said, “For me, it was when I went on to the Disney lot.”

“And being back on the Disney lot because that’s not just Freaky Friday,” continued the 38-year-old.

The Mean Girls star remarked, “For me, that’s The Parent Trap. That’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. That’s Herbie.”

Lindsay told the outlet, “It’s so many moments for me.”

“So, when I got there, I kind of felt like this essence of a little kid again,” added the actress.

Lindsay mentioned that it’s “going to be much freakier than you would expect”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Irish Wish actress opened up about her relationship with co-star Jamie Lee Curtis for over 20 years.

“Jamie and I have stayed in touch over the years,” she continued.

Lindsay pointed out, “So, it’s kind of, you know, they always say, like, when you have a best friend or someone who you are really close with, if you cannot see them for years and years.”

“But when you see them again, it’s like you never separated,” added the actress.

Meanwhile, Disney has reportedly confirmed that Freaky Friday 2 will be released in theatres in 2025.

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