Lindsay Lohan’s dad arrested over ‘kickback’ payment charges


Lindsay Lohan’s dad arrested over ‘kickback’ payment charges

Lindsay Lohan’s father recently came under the police’s radar for allegedly accepting ‘kickback’ payments from addicts for their rehab center referrals.

The report was brought forward by News and according to authorities, Lohan’s father accepted over $27,000 in kickback payments, all of which were either made to either Lohan or his associated business.

For those unversed, under Florida law it is illegal for a health care practitioner to accept a commission for patient referrals because most former instances have been associated with some kind of fraud.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg released a statement following the arrest and claimed, “Patient brokering corrupts our health care system because decisions are motivated by greed instead of a patient’s needs.”

Lohan’s attorney on the other hand denies all allegations and claims, “Michael Lohan has helped countless individuals suffering from addiction issues.”

“Michael should be applauded for his efforts in saving lives, not arrested for them. … Michael is looking forward to having his day in Court where the whole truth, not the narrative put forth by the State Attorney’s Office, comes out.”

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