Lizzo Finally Reveals What’s In That Tiny Purse Of Hers

When Lizzo debuted her tiny Valentino bag back during the 2019 American Music Awards, one question was on everyone’s minds: what’s in that tiny purse, Lizzo?

It took a few months, but now the “Good As Hell” singer is finally giving us a taste of everything she can fit in that minuscule bag. She showcased the diminutive storage black hole in a recent Instagram post.

In a short clip, Lizzo rifles through a similarly tiny bag in her clip and pulls out a myriad of items, none of which look like the amount of fucks anyone gives, like what most of the internet guessed was in there, nor the flask of tequila or condoms Lizzo joked about carrying back then to PopSugar.

“YALL WANNA KNOW WHATS IN MY TINY BAG BITCH? ?,” the star captioned her video.

“Yes! We want to know! Feed us!” the internet cried out in unison, because who can resist the allure of a tiny purse?

What is in there, then? Oh, nothing. Just a pencil, a remote, a whole stack of Pringles, and things like that. That’s not all, though. We can’t forget an entire costume, including Lizzo’s wig. Okay, all we want to know is where she’s getting these bags that have so much space. It’s hard enough trying to finagle a tote for work that holds all the essentials without being too bulky or heavy. How do you do it, Lizzo?

One thing’s for sure. She definitely isn’t carrying around her talent or amount of confidence in there. We’re not sure there’s a bag in the world big enough to contain those things. Just one question, though. If the last purse was a custom-made Valentino, then who can we thank for this little lilac number? We’re trying to build a wardrobe fit for a queen like Lizzo over here.

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