Lori Loughlin daughter Olivia Jade speaks out after ‘shocking’ college admission scandal

Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade has finally spoken out about her reaction to the college admission scandal.

Jade got candid about it all during her interview with Extra and there she started off by admitting, she was “nervous but excited” right from the very start.

She also added, “There was definitely a little bit of hesitation, just because I don’t dance… But I am way more than I was hesitant. I’m super grateful that I have this opportunity to even be on this show… I’m thrilled.”

During the course of her interview, she also went on to say, “I think, obviously, this goes without saying, I’m not proud of the past at all.”

“And I think when I first got the opportunity, I definitely thought about it a little bit, just like how would this look and is this something I should be doing, but I also am a believer in second chances and redeeming yourself and showing a different side of yourself.”

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