Lufthansa Group to increase capacity out of UK in 2020

Lufthansa Group has revealed a significant increase in capacity out of the UK.

Premium carriers Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines will increase services from the north and south-west of England to Austria, Belgium and Germany.

Travellers from Newcastle and Bristol will soon have access to one of the Lufthansa Group’s hubs in Frankfurt, Munich and Brussels and passengers leaving from London will benefit from increased services to Vienna and Munich.

This capacity increase, in addition to the opening of two new gateways in Bristol and Newcastle showcases the growing demand from smaller regional ports.

In summer 2020, the Lufthansa Group will provide 15 per cent more flights from its hubs to Great Britain.

While the majority of the growth will take place across regional British ports, the Lufthansa Group will also expand in London Heathrow’s Queen’s terminal with 359 flights departing each week and continuing to operate as the biggest foreign airline group from the UK’s largest airport.

In line with the Lufthansa Group’s strongly expanded schedule to intercontinental destinations from its hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Vienna, this instrumental development provides UK customers with a wider and more frequent choice of nineteen onward connections.

From Frankfurt and Munich in particular, leisure travellers will benefit from attractive new destinations in North America as the Lufthansa Group expands its summer services to include Las Vegas, Phoenix, Anchorage, Seattle and Detroit.

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