Megan Fox shares ‘tragic’ insights into miscarriage with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox’s recent miscarriage with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly was not her first.

In fact, Fox, 37, “had an ectopic pregnancy” years before her recent pregnancy loss, and the experience left her with a lot of unresolved trauma and made her recent miscarriage that “much harder” to process.

In a WWD Magazine interview published Wednesday, the Jennifer’s Body star explained that she had “been through other similar issues, but not with someone I was so in love with.”

“And so that love element really made this miscarriage really tragic for me and left me with a lot of grief and a lot of suffering. So I put it into a lot of writing,” she noted.

In her recent poetry book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, the Transformers alum laid bare deeply personal details about her life, including past abusive relationships, heartbreaks, and the miscarriage.

And it was her fiancé who inspired her to do so.

“He’s written about them in his albums as well, he wrote a couple of songs about the miscarriage,” Fox said, adding that it gave her “a space to express as well.”

During his performance at the Billboard Music Awards last year, MGK – real name Colson Baker – dedicated the track of Twin Flame to his “unborn child,” singing over a sound of a heartbeat “Go to sleep / I’ll see you in my dreams / This changes everything / Now I have to set you free.”

The miscarriage was officially confirmed when Fox wrote about it in her book, with one line detailing her imagining holding her baby “tight against my chest as they rip you from my insides.”

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