Meghan Markle appears in video with Melissa McCarthy on her birthday


Meghan Markle on Wednesday release a video as she turned  40.

The Duchess of Sussex published her video on in which she’s seen with Melissa McCarthy.

 The video was posted to promote a new initiative called 40×40 to mark her 40th birthday.

Duchess of Sussex explains in the two-minute clip she wants to make her milestone birthday even more special by encouraging 40 of her friends around the world to spare 40 minutes of their time to mentor or support women in need who are trying to join again the workforce.

Speaking about this initiative, Meghan told the actress she believes if all her 40 friends join her in this initiative and commit to it they could create a “ripple effect”.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle  received birthday wishes from Kate Middleton, Prince William and other members of the British royal family and millions of fans from across the world.

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