Meghan Markle suffers major setback in legal case amid agonising ‘back and forth’


Meghan Markle has run in a severe blow in her privacy lawsuit against British tabloids after recent events unfolded.

The Duchess’s lawyers have been making painstaking ‘back and forth’ in their stance on biography Finding Freedom, penned by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

The fact that Meghan helped a ‘true acquaintance’ get her in the case leaked to the writers of the book has impacted the case proceedings a great deal.

According to Royally Obsessed podcast hosts,  Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, “My low this week has been all the back-and-forth about Finding Freedom. So we just heard that Meghan did allow an acquaintance to give the true position to the authors,” Fioritio said.

“It just feels weird. The clarification is only about the letter she wrote to her dad,” she added.

The continued, “It is not about any of the other details in the book. I think it’s a private letter. And that it should never have been published obviously. It just stinks to have this all brought up again.”

Bowie weighed in, “She acted in a way similar to Diana, with a third party getting involved with the authors. It is really interesting. And we’ll have to just see how it all out.”

She added, “But it is just sad that she has to relive all of this over and over again for this case.”

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