MGK exposed by TikTok user for ‘cursing’ her during meetup

A TikTok user is coming clean about how Machine Gun berated her for calling him “sis” accidentally.

User @emmielamp shared the ordeal in a response to a viral video asking about “a time a celebrity was rude to you”.

She shared that the musician had slid into her Dms and invited her to meet up with him.

“Ok, so when I was 19, my biggest celebrity crush [MGK] told me he was in town, invited me downtown to meet up with him – and it was a literal [expletive] show,” she said.

“We end up meeting up, he was downtown in Cleveland, I was underage at the time so I was super scared – not underage, just not 21. We ended up linking, as you can tell,” she continued as she showed their messages.

She then proceeded to share how the musician began “cussing her out” after calling him “sis”.

“[He was] calling me a dumb [expletive], a weird [expletive],” and then ended up leaving.

“I said I had to go to the bathroom and then I started crying and we never saw each other again.”

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