Michael Clarke is ‘great friends’ with ex-wife Kyly

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Former Australia cricket captain feels it’s easier being a father, thanks to his cordial relationship with ex-wife .

Michael, who recently went public about his relationship with fashion designer Pip Edwards, said his bond with Kyly has grown stronger. In February, the pair announced in a joint statement that their seven-year marriage had ended, but they remained committed to co-parent daughter Kelsey Lee, four.

“I’m extremely lucky to have been able to go through a separation with the mother of my child and us still being . I actually think Kyly and my friendship now is as strong as it’s ever been. We still talk daily and I think you’ve heard Kyly say as well that both of us will always prioritise our daughter and a big part of that is a friendship between mum and dad,” Michael said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show recently.

Michael felt they were fortunate to have a couple of months to live apart from each other before the news of their separation was made public.

“We were lucky that we went through our separation five or six months before it touched the media, so that allowed us the time to deal with [it],” he added.

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