Milla Jovovich Reveals Newborn Daughter Osian Has ‘Bad Case of Jaundice’

On the road to recovery. Milla Jovovich’s 2-month-old daughter, Osian, is suffering from a “bad cause of jaundice that she hasn’t been able to kick.”

Because the infant’s blood has excess bilirubin, a yellow pigment, the actress, 44, has “had to supplement with expressed breast milk,” she explained in a Monday, February 10, Instagram post. “We’ve been in and out of the hospital all week and they said the more milk she eats, the quicker she’ll get them all out. But she falls asleep so quickly breast-feeding that we’ve had to do the bottle feedings so she gets as much as possible. Poor one has so many little scratches on her heels where they’ve taken blood to test her for antibodies, it makes my heart hurt to think about. But hopefully, the blood test they did today will show that she’s all better.”

The Resident Evil star, who also shares daughters Ever, 12, and Dashiel, 4, with husband Paul W. S. Anderson, went on to write, “There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your children loving each other and appreciating their time together. @dashielanderson can’t get enough of her ‘sweet little baby’ and feeds her whenever she can.”

In the social media upload, Jovovich’s youngest held her baby sister and fed her a bottle. The little one wore a blue onesie and pink socks in the sweet shot.

When it comes to raising her brood, the model is intentional about making sure they aren’t “entitled.” She explained to Us Weekly exclusively in February 2019: “It’s about having an open conversation every time. Every time that I see my [eldest] daughter getting a bit complacent, feeling a little entitled and … treating people in a way that’s not totally respectful, I call and say, ‘Hey let’s stop and talk.’ … I tell her about what’s going on in the world, I tell her how lucky she is and to remember what’s important in this life.”

Jovovich and Anderson, 54, tied the knot in 2009 in Beverly Hills.

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