Minar-e-Pakistan Tiktoker rejects claims it was ‘publicity stunt’


The woman who was assaulted by 400 men at the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore has said that she had not invited anyone to come to the place. In an interview with Samaa TV, the Tiktoker rejected the notion that the incident was preplanned or a “publicity stunt.”

The woman has faced victim-blaming after the sexual assault that took place on August 14, the country’s Independence Day.

She said that her team members tried their best to protect her but could not withstand the charged mob, and they were tossed around.

“After that, I did not know who was found where. I did not know where I was,” she said.

She said some of her team members also sustained injuries.

The woman lamented that the police arrived at the scene after 2 and a half hours as her ordeal continued.

Responding to tirades of victim-blamers she said, “May Allah never bestow anyone with such fame.”

The woman appeared on TV wearing a turquoise colour headscarf. Samaa TV blurred her face and did not give out her name to protect her identity.

Trying to hold back tears, the woman told Samaa TV that since her childhood she had been going to the Minar-e-Pakistan every year on August 14 to celebrate Independence Day. “I used to hold my mothers’ hand when we came here,” he said.

‘made up things’

“I never told my fans to come and see me there. I did not upload such a video,” the Tiktoker said responding to the social media claims that she had uploaded a video inviting fans to join her at the Minar-e-Pakistan.

“People have made up so many things. I am already shaken, and them people are commenting that I had invited my fans. For God’s sake! I am not such a big star,” said the woman as she almost cried.

She confirmed that, eventually, it was the police that rescued her. she said one of her team members had telephoned the police.

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