Molecular Electronics Chip With 100 Million DNA Reading Devices

Roswell has developed the first Molecular Electronics chip. Roswell uses advances in semiconductor technology, nano-fabrication and bio-sensors to create standard CMOS chips that directly integrate sensor molecules into the CMOS integrated circuits. Roswell is delivering the $100, 1-hour Genome for precision medicine. Simple, fast, low cost and with clinical-grade accuracy including phasing, assembly and direct reading of epigenetic data.

In 2019, Roswell Biotechnologies, Inc., the pioneer in the development of a molecular electronics platform for DNA Sequencing, closed a $32 million round of Series A financing backed by multiple investors.

Going “on-chip” to deploy bio-sensors provides unprecedented economics, precision, portability, and scalability. The first chip is designed to read DNA; future chips will be designed for protein detection and other diverse bio-sensing applications.

Roswell will have rapid, low cost, mobile detection systems for diverse biomarkers. Enabling powerful, in-the-field pathogen detection, infectious disease monitoring, environmental monitoring, and identification of bio-specimens, species or individuals.

Roswell Platform: ENDSeq™ System : The ENDSeq™ System (Electronic Nano-Device Sequencing) reduces whole genome sequencing from days to minutes, through direct electrical sensing delivered at the speed of natural DNA synthesis.

Roswell technology provides a robust Data Reader for the future of digital data storage using DNA.

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