Mrs Sri Lanka winner to take legal action after suffering head injuries in on-stage brawl


The winner of Mrs Sri on Sunday sustained head injuries as her crown was aggressively removed in an on-stage brawl.

The ceremony took place on national television in which the winner Pushpika De Silva was being crowed as the winner of Mrs Sri Lanka.

However, 2019 winner Caroline Jurie snatched De Silva’s crown saying that she was a divorced woman and therefore was wrongfully claimed as the winner.

She proceeded to place the crown on the runner-up as De Silva tearfully walked off stage.

“There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to make the crown go to second place,” Jurie told the audience.

Upon investigating Jurie’s claims, pageant organisers found that De Silva was not a divorcee.

While organisers have apologised to De Silva, who is separated but not divorced, she will proceed with legal action over the “unreasonable and insulting” way she was treated on stage

In a post on Facebook, she revealed that she went to the hospital for her injuries.

“I’m still an un-divorced woman,” she wrote.

“A true queen is not a woman who snatches another woman’s crown, but a woman who secretly sets another woman’s crown!”

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