Naomi Osaka Is Launching Her Own Skincare Line


The reigning champion of the US Open and the Australian Open is launching a line that’s specifically designed for people of color, per Business of Fashion.

And the best part about her line, Kinló, is that every product will cost $20 or less. I know right!

Osaka stayed true to her roots while deciding on a name for her because Kin means “gold” in Japanese, and ló means “gold” in Haitian Creole. I like the sound of it already.

Osaka’s skincare line will only five products when it launches this fall, including a protective body spray, restorative lip balm, and restorative eye cream.

But a must-have item to buy will be her tinted SPF 40 moisturizer with blue-light protection, which is perfect for those days you’re working hours on your computer or can’t seem to get away from your phone.

The tennis star will also have another moisturizer available with a tinted SPF 50 for anyone who’d like to replace their foundation with a light coverage sunscreen.

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