Netflix to have Charlize Theron-starrer women surfing feature film

South African-American actress Charlize Theron and New film director Niki Caro have come together to work on a feature film projecting four women’s struggle for gender equality in big- surfing sport.

The 45-year-old actress’ production company Denver and Delilah Productions and Niki Caro are producing a feature film based on the fight of some of the top female surfers for equality right in surfing competitions.

Famous for directing the live-action Mulan feature for Disney, Niki Caro is directing the flick.

The feature film is based on the New York Times Magazine article The Fight For Gender Equality In One of the Most Dangerous Sports on Earth. The article was written by Daniel Duane and the women, Valenti, Andrea Moller, Paige Alms, and Keala Kennelly.

Scripted by Becky Johnston, the movie narrates the story of four women. These players have earned a name for themselves for surfing on the world’s most dangerous spots, including California’s Maverick’s and Maui’s Jaws. With a powerful bond among them, they are seen struggling to have the right to take part in big- contests – a male-dominated area.

Unlike the previous surfing movies which focused mostly on lighted-hearted topics, the currently untitled surfing feature film will showcase a serious topic of gender equality and a fight to achieve the goal.

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