Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty accused of rape, victim says duo harassed her


Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty is facing a new string of allegations after woman accused him of raping her.

The victim, identified as Hough, filed a fresh saying Petty raped her 20 years ago, when they were teenagers.

She went on to allege he and Minaj have been harassing her and trying to intimidate her into recanting.

In her Brooklyn federal-court suit, Hough said Petty raped her in 1994, after she encountered him while waiting for the school bus in Jamaica.

According to her, he allegedly approached her at the bus stop — then pulled a knife, held it to her back and led her to a nearby house, where he raped her.

After the alleged rape, he got off Hough and stood in front of a mirror while saying, “I am the man. I am the man,” the suit stated.

Petty was earlier put behind the bars over charges of attempted rape, where he served four years in jail, but got out after a plea deal.

Hough said she went through mental trauma because of the rape incident and Minaj’s constant bribe offers after Petty was arrested in 2020 for failing to register as a sex offender.

The stats that Minaj called Hough on the phone and offered to “help out” her situation, saying she could fly her and her family to California. Hough refused.

Then through a series of meetings, Hough and members of her family were allegedly repeatedly offered cash bribes for as much as $500,000 by Minaj and her associates to get her to recant, the suit said.

Hough is seeking unspecified damages for the alleged harassment.

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