Nicole Kidman hit by man during her trip to Sydney Opera House


Nicole Kidman’s husband Keith recalled a shocking moment of his married life, saying  his sweet  wife was hit by a theatre-goer during their trip to Sydney Opera House.

Opening up about the  upsetting moment, the award-winning star explained: ‘We were sitting down with Nic’s mum and we were clapping as it was a great performance. I looked around and I see a few people standing and I thought ‘oh I’m getting up’.

“And then some guy behind me just whacked Nic, like really hit her, with the programme.’”

Recalling the shocking moment, Keith revealed that Nicole looked over at him and her mum and said: “He just hit me!”

“It’s a bit of a pickle I was in because I’m a husband and you want to defend your wife but it took a lot of restraint. I was pretty upset,” he said.

He said: “We did not know that you are not supposed to stand in the opera.”

“Having not been to the opera before ever in my life, I am sensitive to the etiquette.”

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, who grew up in Australia, have been enjoying  quality time Down Under during the past few months.

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