Olivia Munn shares her struggles of getting caught up in the spotlight


American actor Olivia Munn is wearing her heart on her sleeves about the struggles that she faced with perception and reality in Hollywood.

While in conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the Newsroom star said she has most struggled with how the world’s perception of her starts becoming her reality.

“What I have probably struggled with more is perception versus reality. There’s a of people who see you one way and no matter how much good you try to do in the world, or no matter who you are or what your friends know of you, there is a perception that is put onto you and that does become your reality in some ways,” she said.

“The mental health aspect is probably the most important because we think about getting your facials or getting your hair done,” she continued.

“And yeah it does make you feel better, but truly what really needs a of care is how do you take care of your own heart and your mind?” she shared.

“That’s something you have to constantly do over and over. But when you have a really strong sense of self you really try to lean on that, allow that to take over and any doubt that is cast on you from anything in the world,” Munn said.

“Sometimes when people say too many good things about you, you feel like you can’t live up to that too…Just being in this business in general, it’s not for the faint of heart,” she added.

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