Olivia Rodrigo talks about seeing certain colours when she listens music

Olivia recently dished on her medical condition which leads the Drivers License hitmaker see different colours when she listens to music.

During her conversation with Vogue, while getting ready for her Met Gala 2022, shared that her neurological condition, known as synesthesia, makes her associates different colours with music.

The 19-year-old singer expressed that she associated ‘lots of’ Sour album songs with purple colour.

“Drivers license is purple, but Good 4 U is like a purple-ly blue,’ the Grammy-winning singer said.

“Jealousy, Jealousy is like bright red; Deja Vu is like orange and pink and light purple,” she said.

“I like having purple as the cohesive colour throughout my whole Sour era,” she added.

Moreover, also talked about looking gorgeous in a Versace gown at the fashion extravaganza event.

“I love Versace so much as if you look at my Pinterest, it’s just like so much archive Versace and I’ve just always been obsessed with them,” she said.

“And so I really wanted to wear them for the Met and I’m so happy that I could,” she added.

“And we sent them some of my favourite archive pieces and kind of, just ideas for the Gilded Age theme. And we kind of came up with it together,” explained.

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