Paige Spiranac: I literally ate baby food until I was 18

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American golfer has revealed the reason behind her fondness for . On the latest episode of her podcast, Playing A Round With Paige Renee, she said her mother would prevent her from eating sandwiches and give her infant food.

“My mum would not give me sandwiches on the golf course because of the bread and carbs. So she would make…and, oh my God, this is so embarrassing…I would have baby food. They had these little meat sausages, they were like turkey or chicken and it basically looked like a Vienna sausage. So, I literally baby food until I was 18,” Paige was quoted as saying by British tabloid, The Daily Star.

“They [her snack] had like this weird casing around it. So my mum would put them in like a plastic bag with paper towels around it. There were no preservatives, so it was so much better than what you would feed an adult,” she added.

Meanwhile, she revealed how she still eats baby food. “I still have baby food in my house until this day because my mum keeps telling me that baby food is good for you,” Paige said.

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