Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority suspends licenses of 34 PIA pilots

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’s Authority has suspended the licenses of 34 of the Pakistan International Airlines, according to a notification issued Tuesday.

The orders to suspend the pilots possessing dubious licenses were issued by the CAA Additional Director Khalid Mehmood, according to a CAA official. Two women pilots were also among those suspended.

The official said the decision to suspend their licenses was taken after an investigation. Earlier on June 27, the had grounded 141 pilots whose licenses were suspected to be fake.

The PIA came under intense scrutiny after a flight carrying 99 passengers crashed in Karachi on May 22. Ninety-seven people were killed in the crash, while an initial investigation report held the pilots responsible for the accident.

“More than 90% of people in Pakistan get their driving licences without even appearing for the exam,” Pakistan’s minister for aviation had said on June 24 during a National Assembly session.

“The same has started happening for pilots too,” he had said. “Pilots were being hired on a political basis and were carrying fake licenses.”

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