Pakistan opposition parties demand Imran Khan resign as prime minister


The joint opposition demanded on Sunday Minister step down from his post. It announced a nationwide campaign to rid people of the incumbent -Tehreek-e-Insaf government from October 2020.

Opposition parties held an all-parties conference in Islamabad on Sunday to shape a strategy against the government. Former premier Nawaz Sharif, who’s in London, and ex-president Asif Ali Zardari addressed the conference through video link.

The opposition decided to exhaust all democratic, political and constitutional options both inside and outside the parliament. These include a no-confidence move and collective resignations from the assemblies.

It announced the start of a countrywide protest campaign. Lawyers, traders, farmers, labourers, students, civil society, media and general public would be made part of it.

Opposition parties will hold joint rallies in Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Lahore in the first phase in October and November.

Major rallies and demonstrations will be held in provincial capitals in December. A decisive march towards Islamabad will be held in January 2021.

APC declaration

Speaking at a press conference late Sunday, Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said political parties believing in the constitution and federal parliamentary system today formed an alliance named Pakistan Democratic Movement.

This alliance will run a campaign to get rid of the anti-people government in Pakistan, according to the JUI-F chief.

He then read out the following points of the APC declaration:

  • The meeting expresses deep concerns over the establishment’s increasing interference in politics. The forum declares it a threat to Pakistan’s national security and its institutions.
  • The meeting demands free and transparent conduct of elections in Pakistan. To achieve this goal, such electoral reforms be immediately made which could have no role of the armed forces and the agencies.
  • The APC demands a reduction in the prices of flour, sugar, ghee, electricity, gas and petroleum products.
  • The forum resolves that the Constitution of 1973, 18th amendment and the current NFC award manifest national unity. The opposition will thwart any attacks on them, the defend provincial autonomy and make no compromise on it.
  • The meeting rejects efforts for a presidential system in the country. It promises to safeguard the federal parliamentary system.
  • The opposition APC expresses concerns over the failure of the government’s Afghan policy and holds it responsible for India’s annexation of occupied Kashmir.
  • The meeting condemns worst restrictions on the media. It demands the government ends cases against all journalists, including Jang Group Editor-in-chief Mir Shakilur Rehman.
  • It condemns cases and incarceration of political leaders and demands their immediate release
  • The meeting observes that the incompetent rulers have threatened the existence of CPEC. It demands the government expedite all CPEC projects.
  • The meeting expresses concerns over pressurizing of judges on the basis of baseless references and blackmailing them into announcing verdicts against the law.
  • The opposition APC demands a full inquiry into reports pertaining to PM’s aide Asim Bajwa. He must be removed from his post until the completion of an inquiry against him The meeting demands an end to enforced disappearances and calls for presenting all missing persons before the courts.

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