Palace claims Meghan Markle was given protection during life as royal


Meghan Markle had put the Palace on the spot saying that it had failed to give her during her time as a royal.

Former royal editor Charlie Rae spoke to Talk RADIO saying that officials have “clearly had enough” as the Duchess of Sussex’s former communications secretary has disputed her claims.

TalkRADIO Kevin O’Sullivan said: “Meghan complained in her now-notorious Oprah interview that the Palace offered her no protection as she suffered all sorts of problems when she joined the Royal Family.

“Now, the Palace say she was protected. Former communications secretary Jason Knauff said he led extensive efforts to protect the Duchess.”

Rae responded: “He has clearly had enough.”

He continued: “He said he did all he could do to protect Meghan from the press, to try and help her, and he put this on record.”

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