Paris Hilton husband Carter Reum has secret child

Paris Hilton has tied the knot with her hubby Carter Reum, but it turns out that he has been keeping a secret from the world.

According to a source, familiar to Carter’s personal life, he has a never-before-revealed love child who he has only met once when she came into this world nine years ago.

The girl’s mother, Laura Bellizzi, is a reality who came in the show Secrets of Aspen and dated actor Mel Gibson for a short period.

“The people who this story matters to have known about it for 10 years. Carter this child. While he does not have a traditional father-daughter relationship with her, he has provided for her since she was born, and will continue to do so,” said a spokesperson for Reum.

As per signed documents, the venture capitalist acknowledged that the girl is his child despite not taking a paternity test.

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