PIA suspends special flights to Kabul

Pakistan Airlines has its flight operation to Kabul because of insufficient facilities.

PIA was the only commercial airline that had been connected with Afghanistan to evacuate stranded nationals. However insufficient facilities and garbage on the runway have become a hindrance to flight operations at the airport. 

According to the sources, there is no cleaning staff, no emigration or security check as well.

Meanwhile, the last two special flights of PIA PK-6250 and PA-6254 from Kabul arrived at the New Islamabad Airport on Saturday.

The Boeing 777 carried 300 people, while the A-320 carried 90 passengers, including passengers from 10 different countries, diplomatic staff, World Bank employees among others.

According to the PIA spokesperson, Arshad Malik had travelled to Kabul too. He was in A-320 aircraft. As the plane entered Afghanistan’s territory, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation DG welcomed the CEO from the Afghan radio.

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