PTA blocks thousands of anti-Islam & anti-Pakistan Web Urls


The Telecommunication Authority has blocked thousands of anti-Islam and URLs on in the country, according to a issued by the internet regulator.

In its report to parliament, the said it had identified at least 59,712 anti-Islam URLs on the websites. Of them, 46, 431 have been blocked.

According to the report, Pakistan’s internet regulator has also blocked 16,703 URLs over sectarian “hate speech”. The PTA said it had identified 20,041 URLs which had the content against “defence of Pakistan” and of them, it has blocked 13,620 URLs.

At least 5,607 URLs were blocked for posting anti-judiciary content, the report said.

The PTA said it has provided details to the FIA to initiate legal action against people involved in posting unlawful content.

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