Reese Witherspoon celebrates New Year’s Eve at Emmys

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington left fans hilariously stunned when they announced their plans of ‘canceling’ 2020 simply because ‘we’re ready for this year to be over.’

It appears the star’s little cancel party Jimmy Kimmel off guard and when he questioned whether a year can just be canceled, the actress gave a cheeky little quip, claiming, “Of course. We’re Emmy nominated television producers.”

While the countdown had fans gripped, Reese and Kerry sent temperatures soaring after they admitted that they could kiss, if only COVID-19 wasn’t still a thing.

That was not even the highlight of the evening, Kimmel was so taken aback by the news that he candidly announced his desire to “kiss you guys too.”

However, the girls seemed to have plans of their own and gave the host a hard pass claiming, “No, we don’t want that. Thank you!”

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