Sarah Ferguson reveals the lessons she wishes to teach her younger self

Sarah Ferguson recently weighed in on the lessons she wished to impart upon her younger self, before of her marriage to Prince Andrew.

Sarah wore her heart on her sleeve during an interview with The Sun and dove deep into her past troubled youth and childhood.

There she was quoted saying, “I would tell the young Sarah to always be herself, to have belief in herself and to seek help much earlier on when it came to insecurity and issues with mental health and eating disorders. I wish somebody had taken me in hand and helped me with all that.”

During the course of her interview, Sarah also referenced the similarities that readers often spot between her real life persona and new novel.

For those unversed, with the publication, it follows the life of a engaged women living in Victorian England, who has vowed to spend the rest of her betrothed life alongside a ‘haughty’ earl.

She admitted, “People will spot the parallels between me and my heroine, Lady Margaret. She’s a redhead, she’s strong-willed, she’s led by her heart. I hope people won’t read too much into it.”

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