Scarlett Johansson dishes on ‘surprising’ aspects of making ‘Black Widow’


Famous Hollywood actor Scarlett Johansson recently weighed in on some of her most ‘surprising’ findings on the set of Widow.

The actor shared the news with Entertainment Weekly and was quoted saying, “I had an idea of what Natasha’s life was before, and then to go onto the set and see, ‘Oh this is the Red Room, this is Dreykov, this is his office, this was the life before,’ it was such a surreal thing to see all of that.”

“As actors, we always build all that stuff up in our minds, and then you suddenly see it all put together by this extraordinary group of artists … It was very strange but it was cool.”

“The safe house, imagining the time that Clint Barton and Natasha spent together in these small spaces and what actually happened in Budapest, just uncovering all of that stuff was very, very interesting. Surprising,” even.

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