Sindh Police’s Swat force to protect sensitive Karachi installations

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The police have deployed the Special Security Unit’s Swat near eight in Karachi following the June 29 attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, a senior police official said Thursday.

The units of SSU’s Swat force are being deployed near sensitive installations in the city, SSU DIG Maqsood Memon told TheNewsTip.

“We have given them an alarm button,” DIG Memon said. “We will receive information through it.”

The police official said the Swat force commandos will respond to emergency situations. “They will be the first responders.”

These commandos were trained by the Pakistan Army and they are fully prepared to tackle any situation, DIG Memon said.

On June 29, four terrorists had tried to storm the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi.

The attack, however, was thwarted by the Police’s Rapid Response Force. A policeman and two private security guards were killed in the attack.

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