Someone Please Send The Dog Whisperer To Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra’s Home

Looks like Nick Jonas and Priyanka 's young puppy Gino is causing a few issues in the couple's home.

You may remember that, back in November 2019, Priyanka surprised Nick with a furry anniversary gift: a tiny little German Shepherd puppy named Gino. Back then, Gino surprised a sleepy Nick with sweet puppy kisses as Priyanka filmed the scene as it played out. Nick was groggy, but immediately fell in love with his new pooch.

Fast forward to January, and Gino has grown up considerably, to nearly double the size he was when he met his parents Nick and Priyanka. And it sounds like he's living it up at their home, which might be causing the couple a few headaches.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nick told Ellen how huge the dog was, and laid out what he'd been getting into.

“He's ripping up everything that comes in his path. He's using the bathroom wherever he pleases,” Nick confessed. Ellen, incredulous, asked if he had a trainer, insisting that you can't just let a dog do those things.

“We do,” Nick admitted, “but when he's that cute, you kind of just let him do what he does.” Truer words that will likely resonate with any animal lover on this earth.

While chatting with Ellen, a photo of little Gino (likely from his own personal Instagram) was shown on-screen. Joe noted something quickly about the photo.

“He's peeing in that shot as well,” he quipped. But what can you do? Gino's a little charmer. He probably just misses his and dad and he's too sweet to scold. That's what happens when you fall in love with an animal, you let them get away with murder.

So, uh, can we call in a favor and get Cesar Milano over to the Priyanka-Jonas residence ASAP to help make things a little easier?

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