Sonam Kapoor reveals about suffering from PCOS


Sonam K Ahuja has revealed that she has been battling Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) since her teenage years, but is now “in a good place.” As part of Storytime With Sonam on Instagram, she shared tips on how to deal with it.

The actor said, “I have been suffering from it for several years since I was like 14 or 15 years old. It has been the bane of my existence. I have gone to several doctors, several naturopaths, dieticians, nutritionists…right now, I am in a good place.”

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is among the most common endocrine disorders found in women. According to research conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, one in four women suffers from PCOS.

“People have very different symptoms and everybody goes through their own struggles,” said Sonam in the video. Menstrual problems such as irregular menstrual cycles, abnormal bleeding or spotting during periods or no periods, Alopecia, hair thinning or loss of scalp hair while observing normal hair growth on other parts of the body, multiple miscarriages, experiencing depression, dark skin patches, increased mood swings and problem in conceiving are some of the common symptoms of PCOS.

Regular exercise, yoga and avoiding sugar has helped Sonam Kapoor. In 2018, Sara Ali Khan had also opened up about her struggle with PCOS. For the unversed, Sara Ali Khan was 96 kgs, when she was in her teenage. The actress had revealed when she graced the coffee couch with her father-actor at Koffee With Karan, hosted by Karan Johar. She used to have PCOD. In fact, the actress revealed that she still does have PCOD. And, because of that Sara had put on weight.

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