Taapsee Pannu: I felt a man trying to touch my backside

Actress Taapsee Pannu has recounted an incident when a man tried to touch her from behind. “We used to go to the Gurudwara during Gurpurab and I remember there used to be stalls next to it that served food to people outside. The place used to be crowded in such a way that people would always end up bumping into each other.

She continued, “I had awkward experiences before this incident as well. But this time, I had an intuition that something like this would happen as I am going into that kind of crowd. I was mentally prepared for it until I felt a man trying to touch my backside. That’s when I realised that this has happened again,” Taapsee shared while having a conversation with Kareena Kapoor Khan on the latter’s show What Women Want 2.

Taapsee was brave enough to defend herself and she gave that man a hard lesson. “This was followed by an instant reaction. I grabbed his finger twisted it and moved fast from that area,” she added. The episode, featuring Taapsee, will air on 104.8 Ishq FM.

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