The entire world owes Britney Spears an apology

Reacting to the documentary Framing Britney Spears, American actress and singer Bella Thorne threw her weight behind pop star Britney Spears, whom she said the entire world owes an apology.

The singer said she watched the February 5 New York Times Presents documentary and found it crushing to know how disgustingly the media treated the American entertainer and covered her life and career.

The former Disney star said she was filled with grief when she watched the documentary. “Everything I was looking at made me really, really, really sad knowing that this was happening, knowing that this still happens, knowing that we’re all a part of this, that we all did this to her,” the actress told Fox News.

The documentary lays bare how the media objectified the young popstar.  After the documentary was out, the objectionable treatment spurred a backlash where social media users slammed Diane Sawyer for being rude to the singer and asking biased during her 2003 Primetime interview with then 22-year-old Spears.

The popstar’s former boyfriend Justin Timberlake also felt the guilt for launching post-breakup inappropriate propaganda which meant she was disloyal to him. He extended an to her. Timberlake dated her from 1998 to 2002.

In the backdrop of her father Jamie’s conservatorship following her 2007 mental breakdown, the #FreeBritney movement got revived that sought the popstar to control her income.

Thorne is out promoting her single “Shake It.” Expressing good words for Britney, the actress said, “The documentary is stunning in the sense that it really gives us the full-blown perspective of the situation. But it’s really disgusting in the sense that here it is in black-and-white, this is what we did to her. My goodness, I just feel literally terrible.”

She said every one of us should apologize to her all over social media.

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