‘This Is A Great Example For Holly’: Ashley Is A Proud Teen Mom Graduate

Ashley has always been extremely career-oriented and stressed her need to provide for her daughter Holly. And during tonight’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episode, she followed through on her desire for a concrete professional future by graduating from a medical assistant program.

“This is a great example that’s being set for Holly,” Ashley’s teacher Ms. Thomas told her student.

For Ashley, the steps toward obtaining this degree took “determination and discipline.”

“With a baby, I managed to shake some ass and get some straight As and raise a brilliant daughter,” the Californian said. “I’m very proud of myself.”

And when it was time to don that cap — with the message “Just A Teen Mom” — and gown, Ashley had her family and mini-me supporting her. But perhaps the most heartwarming moment of all was Ashley taking photographs with Holly post-ceremony — and the toddler smiling big and “showing teeth.” Ashley’s very own blessing, who “pushed her hard” to achieve this goal.

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