Thom Evans’ relationship with Nicole Scherzinger intense, beyond physical, admits friend


Rugby star and singer ’s relationship is reportedly blossoming and it’s down to a special connection.

Scherzinger, 42, and Evans, 35, who met on British reality TV show, The X Factor: Celebrity, last year, have been spending quality time together since the Coronavirus-caused lockdown started.

A source close to the couple told British tabloid, The Sun: “It’s with them, they’re besotted with each other. It goes way beyond just the physical…they connect on a way most people dream of.”

Scherzinger, who dated F1 star Lewis Hamilton before their split in 2015 due to different work schedules, is able to emotionally connect with Evans.

“She’s gone through the heartache of work schedules forcing her into long distance relationships. So it’s been something entirely new and different with Thom is the first man to be totally available for her. They’ve spent all of their time having adventures and solidifying a friendship and deep emotional connection neither of them has really had before. Most of the time they’re just laughing around,” the source said.

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