Tiffany Haddish opens up on her desire to become a mother


Haddish came forth dishing the details on her desire to embrace motherhood.

The star recently admitted she donated ‘a bunch of eggs’ to make ends meet when she was 21 years’ old.

“Here goes something everybody don’t know, I’m gonna tell you: When I was 21 I was really hard up for some money and I gave up a bunch of eggs,” said the Girls Trip actor. “So who knows, I might got some kids out here in these streets.”

Although she probably has children out there in the world if the eggs have fertilized, she now is looking to adopt.

Even though she has her doubts stemming from the fact that she never followed up on her donation, she is hopeful about the process, “I doubt it, though, because I never got the bonus. Maybe somewhere though, in cryo somewhere.”

“If I get pregnant, that is all God – tearing down all walls, all barriers,” she smiled. “Because, definitely, I have taken the precautions to protect me.”

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