Tiger Woods not facing reckless driving charge, says sheriff


LOS ANGELES – Woods is not facing charges of reckless driving following the car crash in which he suffered serious leg injuries, authorities said on Wednesday (Feb 24).

“A reckless driving charge has a lot of elements into it, this is purely an accident,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told reporters.

He added that the most Woods could face would be a low-level offence known as an infraction if investigators conclude that he was not paying attention or speeding.

“There’ll be a cause of it, and there’ll be a vehicle code attached to the cause, if it’s inattentive driving whatever the case may be.

“But that’s an infraction and a reckless driving is actually more than an infraction. That’s a misdemeanor crime that has a lot of elements attached to it and there’s nothing, nothing like that,” said Villanueva.

The sheriff said he hoped the brand new SUV was equipped with an in-vehicle data recorder that may help some light on the cause of the accident.

“We’re hoping obviously there’s going to be… this black and we’ll have some information about the . It will may be a factor in this accident.”

Woods, 45, was driving alone in a Los Angeles suburb on a road notorious for fatal accidents when he crashed on Tuesday morning.

No other vehicles were involved.

Firefighters and paramedics cut the 15-time champion out of the wreckage before taking him to hospital, where he is recovering after surgery on his lower right leg and ankle.

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