TikTok star Jannat Mirza leaving Pakistan over shocking reason


’s biggest sensation, Jannat Mirza, announced earlier that she is leaving the country for good.

The news left Mirza’s massive following of over 10 million devastated, making them wonder about the she is moving abroad.

While interacting with a fan over the matter, Mirza revealed she is heartbroken over the ‘sick mentality’ of people living in Pakistan.

She confirmed the news in response to a fan’s query, who asked her why she is leaving her homeland and moving to Japan.

“Jannat why u and Alishba ignoring this text. ‘Why r u moving to Japan [sic],’” the fan had asked.

To this, Mirza replied, “Ku k Pakistan bht pyara or acha hai lekin Pakistan k logo ki mentality achi nhi (Because Pakistan is beautiful, but the mindset of its people isn’t).”

Mirza’s decision of moving elsewhere has sparked frenzy amongst her fans, and many believe  its related to the sudden ban of Chinese app TikTok in Pakistan.

Mirza rose to fame in the country through the video-sharing app and amassed a massive following in a short span.

She is also the first TikTok user to hit  over 10million fans in Pakistan.

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