TikTok user recalls ‘uncomfortable’ chat with Matthew Perry on dating app


Matthew Perry getting slammed online following a TikTok user’s recollection of getting matched with him on a dating app and being one of the several stars in the industry who “take advantage of young girls.”

Chatting with Page Six, TikTok user Kate Haralson said she was only 19 years old when she matched with the 51-year-old Friends actor on the exclusive celebrity dating app called Raya.

“A lot of people were saying I’m a bully and mean for posting this, and it made me feel kind of bad, but at the same time, I feel like a lot of guys in Hollywood are talking to all these young girls and it’s something that I think a lot of people should be aware of,” she said.

She detailed how Perry had insisted on moving their conversation from Raya to FaceTime almost immediately after they were matched.

The now 20-year-old who is based in LA said she had matched with celebrities before but doesn’t “ever talk to older boys.”

Haralson said she decided to chat with Perry, thinking: “Oh, this would be funny.”

“I was not really thinking anything of it,” she said, adding that while she knew who he was, she had never watched Friends.

Regarding their FaceTime call, Haralson said Perry suggested they play a game of ’20 Questions.’ She further revealed that while none of the questions asked by Perry were sexual, she still felt uncomfortable since she had made it clear to him since the start that she was only 19.

“I don’t think he minded that. It kind of felt weird talking to someone my dad’s age and it just felt not right, especially when he knew how young I was,” she said.

The TikToker then revealed that the actor asked her: “Am I as old as your dad?”

Haralson responded to him saying he was only a year older than her dad after which he laughed it off.

The clip of their call was snapped by Haralson’s friend and was posted on her TikTok account this week: “Honestly, I never really had any intention of posting it, but then I saw that one video, and thought, ‘Oh, this would be funny.’ I didn’t expect it to up as fast as it did.”

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