Trains to Karachi, Lahore delayed due to monsoon rains


traveling to major cities of the country such as Lahore and have been following heavy in multiple areas of Pakistan.

The Shalimar Express that runs from Karachi to Lahore has been delayed by eight hours. The Pak Business Express is delayed by three hours and the Allama Iqbal Express is over two hours late.

The Pakistan Express traveling to Rawalpindi is delayed by four hours.

The Karachi Express, Green Line, Awaam Express and Millat Express will leave their destinations two and half hours after their actual departure times. The Tezgam and Karakoram Express have also been delayed by over two hours.

The Sir Syed Express, Khyber Mill and Shah Hussain are two hours late as well.

The train from Quetta, the Jaffer Express, has been delayed by four hours.

Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have witnessed heavy rain with gusty winds from earlier this week. Following this, multiple roads were submerged, electricity was suspended and traffic has been clogged.

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