UN rights office says Trump should disavow ‘very dangerous’ language

GENEVA – The UN office said on Friday (Jan 8) that President Donald Trump should disavow “very dangerous” language he and other political leaders have used about the US election result and the storming of the Capitol in Washington this week.

“We are deeply troubled by the incitement to violence and hatred by political leaders and we are calling on the President of the United States and other political leaders to disavow, openly disavow, false and dangerous narratives that are being spread,” UN Human Office spokesman Ravina Shamdasani said in response to a question about Mr Trump’s personal responsibility for events at the Capitol.

“This kind of inciteful language can be very dangerous,” she told an online briefing.

Her comments follows UN human boss Michelle Bachelet’s call late on Thursday for a thorough investigation into the events in Washington which left five dead.

Ms Shamdasani also expressed concern about the display of symbols of “white supremacy” outside the Capitol such as the Confederate flag, anti-Semitic symbols and a noose.

“We condemn this display of overtly racist symbols.”

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