US providing intelligence to Ukraine, officials say

WASHINGTON – The United States is continuing to provide real-time intelligence to Ukraine to help it counter Russia’s invasion, US officials said on Thursday (March 3), but a said it did not include precise targeting information.

US officials said Russian forces have been surprised by fierce resistance from Ukrainian fighters who have been able to target Russian convoys and troops.

“We have consistently been sharing intelligence that includes information the Ukrainians can use to inform and develop their military response to Russia’s invasion,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday.

“We have been sharing it real time,” Psaki added.

Eight days after Russia invaded Ukraine, it has yet to take any major city or the skies over the country. Russian troops have been killed and equipment has been destroyed in the action that Moscow calls a “special operation.”

The top on the US House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Adam Smith, noted that the intelligence being shared was not the real-time targeting data that US troops might have been getting in places like Iraq.

“We’re not doing that because that over the line to making us participate in the war,” Smith said on MSNBC.

Washington and Nato allies have been providing Ukraine with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons during the conflict.

The US does not usually share precise locations of targets to partners unless US forces are with them, to avoid civilian casualties.

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